Housman Pranoto


Indonesian drummer Ho Usman Pranoto “Housman” is exploring the endless possibilities of music with each kick to the bass drum and every clank on the cymbal. Since discovering drums as his chosen creative and emotional outlet at the age of nineteen, Housman has never stopped honing his craft. At first by countless nights of playing college gigs, and later through a one-year study at the esteemed Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.

With a daring blend of rock, electronic, and modern jazz influences, Housman’s edgy beat has captivated audiences and led to collaborations with some of Indonesia’s distinguished names in music including Scaller, Petra Sihombing, Jevin Julian, Brozio Mikael, Ben Sihombing, GAC, Jeslla, Dialog Dini Hari, Nikita Dompas, and Adra Karim.

Housman is currently working on a new electronic music project with Tesla Manaf, aptly named Prohibitedbeat. The two wish to make music with very few materials: simple improvisations on the drums, focusing primarily on rhythm and processed sound. They’re experimenting with ways they can color, shape, and season music as a raw ingredient, putting all the pieces together to create a whole new sound.

When not dabbling with synthesizer in the studio or producing funky beats that make your foot tap and your head bob, Housman can be found teaching future musicians how to play the drums.



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